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09.05 11:21 - How to wear in May?
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In May, we arrived again when changing seasons, the feeling of early summer has had, did your summer outfit collocation find inspiration?

Early summer wear take us to try to light ripe style, without too many restrictions, contracted design into the popular elements of the season, matching color is gentle and comfortable, reduce age and very feminine, suitable for 25-45 years old girls.

Wave dot skirt and broken flower skirt are the popular design that a lot of girls like this year, taking mellow flavor, tie-in simple T-shirt can be worn beautifully. Black cotton T with black polka dot fishtail skirt, suitable for thin girls, polka dot fishtail skirt can wear a plump sense of curve, the overall black collocation, look very thin.

Black floral halter skirt, even if the slightly fat girls can easily control, show the slim effect super good, with black or white short-sleeved shirt, classic color matching, looks very elegant.

Choose the chiffon skirt of a broken flower to oneself, you can discover is very fairy really. Cream-colored floral dress, elegant flounces tie wearing French pastoral style, feel special gentle, wear elegant clever, very girlish sense.

Ginger yellow knit dress is more suitable for thin girls, very slim, curve is very beautiful, but small fat girls are not recommended to wear, more show meat.

Umbrella skirts are very popular this year. With some Hepburn style, you can wear them in an elegant feminine way. White shirt tie-in navy heben skirt, very beautiful match color, not make public, but pure and fresh and free from vulgar, very suitable to go to work to wear, appear decent and dignified, temperament extraordinary.

Cornus pink shirt with camel Hepburn skirt, intellectual gentle color collocation, the feeling is particularly feminine, whether it is to work or date, so wear, Western style and beautiful.

If we have a lot of simple cotton T-shirts in our closet, try pairing them with pleated skirts for a cute and feminine look. Black cotton T with warm gray pleated gauze skirt, very classic color matching, although simple, but appears very temperament, let a person feel comfortable, suitable for our daily wear.

Light mature wind can also have a small handsome, agile collocation special temperament, commuting to work will be very suitable. Smog blue shirt, contracted in showing the charm of intellectual, with black smoke pants, elegant with a handsome sense, and appears quite professional, work so wear on the right.

Warm gray sweater with navy blue skirt, very suitable for small girls to wear, color matching is relatively fresh, and coordinated orderly, style is also very slim, show high show thin, but also special temperament.

If the budget is relatively tight recently, and we want to wear fresh and good-looking, we can try to "wear more than one garment". A versatile single item can be matched with other styles of single items, and we can also increase accessories to enhance the freshness, which will improve the utilization rate of clothes, save money and look good.

White chiffon shirt and gray blue vest fold wear, can match the lower outfit of not style, for example, the micro bell trousers of tie-in black, not small nifty, add a blue broken silk scarf, then more the flavor of some gentlness and elegance. You can also wear it with a white lace half dress for a very feminine look.

The appearance rate of summer light ripe wind and wide leg pants is also relatively high, choose some light fabric, wear will be more clever, but also show thin.

Pants of black wide leg of collocation of white cotton T, black and white match how to wear won"t be outdated, deserve to go up small white shoe, the feeling is relaxed and at ease, appear very cool and refreshing again, suit summer to go on holiday or go shopping to wear, very reduce age.

For short girls, when choosing a plain cotton T, slim the body to look slimmer than the loose version, but don"t be too tight. Tuck the corner of the garment into the skirt or pants, so as to raise the waist line and make the legs longer. When matching a T-shirt, try to choose a neutral color, not easy to make mistakes, but also look advanced.Read more at:https://www.formaldressau.com/collections/grey-formal-dresses | https://www.formaldressau.com/collections/black-formal-dresses


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